Jordan Mooney with Cathi Unsworth

Defying Gravity - Jordan's Story: Special Signed Edition


Release date: 7 June, 2024

Special edition of Defying Gravity by Jordan Mooney, with Cathi Unsworth

With her white beehive and Mondrian make-up, Jordan’s look helped shape a revolution on the King’s Road and has become an iconic part of pop culture. With commentary from key players, including Vivienne Westwood, Paul Cook and her partner behind the SEX counter Michael Collins, Defying Gravity is the revealing story of a life at the eye of punk’s storm.

Deluxe box-set edition - Limited to 500 copies!

A copy of the book hand signed by Jordan

A specially designed poster featuring Graham Humphreys' jacket design

· A T-shirt designed by Graham Humphreys

· A certificate of authenticity

The Authors

Icon, muse, catalyst and the most recognisable female face of punk, Jordan was described as the first Sex Pistol by Derek Jarman, Jon Savage and those who dared to walk up to 430 Kings Road from 1975-81. The public face of SEX, Seditionaries and World's End; the motivating force behind Jubilee and the first manager of The Ants these are just some of her achievements.

Cathi Unsworth has written six pop-cultural noir novels, That Old Black Magic, Without The Moon, Weirdo, Bad Penny Blues, The Singer and The Not Knowing. She started out on Sounds and has since written for Bizarre, Fortean Times, Financial Times, The Guardian, Mojo and Sight & Sound.

'This is not just a great book - it is a real page turner. It is an important resource in the story of punk. In short, it is a 100% stone cold, 24 karat classic. Buy it or regret it' HiFi World

'Jordan's extraordinary gospel is here to set you straight... It's a book about fashion, fetishism, music, drugs, individuality, strength in adversity, death, reinvention and rebirth. But most of all it's the story of a pioneering spirit; the first punk on the block; a woman who empowered a generation and whose totemic inspiration changed the entire landscape of popular music.' Classic Rock 9/10

'If you've never read a book about punk, this is the only one you'll ever need.' New Statesman