Nat Myers

Yellow Peril: Limited Electric Smoke LP


Release date: 23 June, 2023

Nat Myers is a Korean American blues singer & songwriter from Kenton County, KY.  

A poet with a staggering and true voice, Myers' folksy blues and remarkable pickin' are as equally contemporary as they are authentic, timeless, and enduring. As a gifted acoustic blues player and singer, Myers uses this storied, musical medium to tell his own narrative. His delivery follows in the footsteps of legends like Blind Lemon Jefferson, Mississippi Fred McDowell and Nat’s own favorite, Charley Patton. But it's his absolute uniqueness that continues to make crowds across the country drop their jaws. 

Recorded live at the 100-year-old-plus home of Dan Auerbach, the album is haunted with the ghosts of the rich history of the blues. 

Music critic, Nicholas Williams, from the American Songcatcher podcast, says, "Nat Myers' style is homemade and unplugged. He's an artist that transports listeners to a forgotten time, with an effervescent and authentic candor." 

Vinyl LP
Easy Eye Sound


# Title Length
1. 75-71
2. Trixin’
3. Yellow Peril
4. Ramble No More
5. Duck N’ Dodge
6. Roscoe
7. Misbehavin’ Mama
8. Heart Like A Scroll
9. Undertaker Blues
10. Pray For Rain