Wives Tales & Hymns of the Earth: Transparent Purple Vinyl EP


Release date: 8 September, 2023

Structured chaos- perhaps the most fail-safe description of the ins and outs of being an artist. Between the peculiar highs and all too relatable lows, chaos follows art like houses in motion; all lofty ambitions, and fast-paced progress. For Brighton’s Porchlight, chaos, and the art of being a band, in all its complex commodities, is nothing more than mere childsplay, in the grand scheme of lawless artistry.

Formed of lead vocalist Sam Crees, bassist Oli Port, guitarists Hodges and Coram, and Harry Geal on drums, Porchlight are a charismatic hybrid who, off the back of a handful of singles and rabid word-of-mouth, are fast becoming one of the most beguiling acts to watch this side of the Atlantic.

Tried and tested through a myriad of notorious live-shows, which saw the group establish an ever-growing fanbase throughout the UK and EU, the five tracks that would eventually go on to form ‘Wives Tales & Hymns of the Earth’, Porchlight’s forthcoming debut EP, are a symbolic mis-mash of heart-on-sleeve musicianship and delightfully raucous lyricism.

Building worlds out of canvas and instrumental agitate- one of Porchlight’s greatest strengths, is their distinctive sense for creativity in all its forms. Merging logic demos and howl-strung choruses with easter-egg laden artwork (thanks to close collaboration with artist, and long-time friend George Smith), ‘Wives Tales & Hymns of the Earth’ is far from art-for-art's-sake and rather, a uniquely painted portrait of innovative self-exploration; a contemporary masterpiece heaving with narratives trapped in time, adolescence, and conceptual oddities. Crafting illustrated soundtracks for life, loss, and everything in between- all through the medium of collaged-cacophony - is no easy feat; and it is safe to say anyone brought onboard to join the venture would have had to have been somewhat of a madman themselves.

Loosely inspired by tales of small-town rural England- cottage villages with dark exteriors, ‘Wives Tales & Hymns of the Earth’ as a whole, is the outcome of five individual tales coming together to form a conceptually emphasised entity to end all conceptually emphasised entities. Completed by the poetic brood of ‘Blue Chalk’, the jagged anxieties of ‘Spin Doctor’ and Porchlight aficionado familiarities of opening track ‘From Monday’, in just short of twenty minutes ‘Wives Tales & Hymns of the Earth’ perfectly captures the sweeping emotions of a debut; a soul-stirring, ear-pounding documentation of a group taking their first steps into a whole new unknown of their own fine-crafted design.


1. From Monday
2. Spin Doctor
3. Blue Chalk
4. Noel
5. Shhrrp
Bonus Track: Wives Tales & Hymns of the Earth

Vinyl 12" Single
Fragile Hands