Ultrasound Red Vinyl & Signed Print


Release date: 5 April, 2024

Armed with an already extensive back-catalogue of stunning music, Palace return with the announcement of their brand new, deeply personal, fourth studio album, Ultrasound - out April 5th, 2024.

The record’s production sees the band reunited with Adam Jaffery, 8 years after working together on their debut album, and arrives off the back of ‘Part I - When Everything Was Lost’ and ‘Part II - Nightmares & Ice Cream’, the band’s 2023 companion EPs.


A1. When Everything Was Lost
A2. Son
A3. Bleach
A4. Nightmares & Ice Cream
A5. Rabid Dog
A6. Make You Proud

B1. Inside My Chest
B2. Love Is A Precious Thing
B3. Cocoon
B4. Say The Words
B5. How Far We’ve Come
B6. All We’ve Ever Wanted
B7. Goodnight, Farewell