Kid Be Kid

Truly A Life Goal But No Ice Cream: Black Vinyl LP


Release date: 9 June, 2023

No more lies!

KID BE KID did it again! After her 2017 debut "Sold Out" and the "Lovely Genders" EP 2020, The Berlin Soul and Jazz singer with the distinctive timbre and human beat box skills fnally releases her second album "Truly A Live Goal But No Ice Cream" on the outernational label Fun In The Church.

In the KID BE KID superhero universe, the fact that she is not only a singer but also a virtuoso pianist goes without saying. So much talent in one person would hardly be bearable if KID BE KID wasn't, above all, such a lovable funky freak! "Naked Times! No More Lies! Here I am strippin' straight in front of your eyes," she chants in a futuristic dress with a gigantic shoulder width, and in the video clip she skillfully oscillates between the authenticity of her live performance and the complete unreality of the production. Musically, it sounds like a fnely curated neo-soul record collection pushed through a 2030s cyber-sound AI. Except that with KID BE KID, the beats don't come from the hard drive, but from her body: Human Beat Boxing. So hip-hop community members are welcome to nod their heads here.

In the 10 songs contained on "Truly A Live Goal But No Ice Cream" KID BE KID refects on our existence between Internet publicity and Home Sweet Home, in which the mere start of the day can become a regular challenge! KID BE KID arms herself against the personifed time and gives it an ultimatum: "Don't you dare not be better than last year!". As a result, everything in her life as well as musically fnally takes a turn for the better...

Vinyl LP
Fun In The Church
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