Various Artists

Tricatel Machine: Vinyl LP


Release date: 30 June, 2023

On the occasion of its exceptional evening at the Cabaret Sauvage, Tricatel is releasing a superb vinyl compilation of thirteen tracks, including several previously unreleased ones. It's a collector's item for long-time fans and for those who want to discover the label.

The Tricatel Machine compilation pays tribute to this unique evening, including each artist present at the party. But not only that! Of the thirteen tracks, many are new or unreleased on vinyl.


Side A
1) Madrigal - Leo Blomov
2) Billy Joel - Lord$
3) Plus vite - Charles Dollé
4) Dream – Comateens
5) Pôve tièsse - Guy Cabay
6) Fallen Snow - Louis Philppe
7) La mémoire des pierres - Catastrophe

Side B
1) Das Macht Dich Heiss - Ingrid Caven
2) Sweet Jesus !!! - Chassol
3) J'n'ai pas bougé d'ici - Stéphane Salvi & Kumisolo
4) Tee Shirt Finisher - A.S Dragon
5) The Girl of September - Bertrand Burgalat
6) Montées infinies - Karol Beffa

Vinyl LP