Cats In Space

Too Many Gods - Infinity Edition: Limited Silver Vinyl 2LP


Release date: 20 March, 2020

“We are amazed that even after four pressings and such success of our debut album, to hear that the demand is still so strong that original vinyls and CDs selling for crazy money, we felt it was our duty to bring back Too Many Gods so all the new fans can get a copy, and at the same time offer up some rarities for existing fans to hear. It’s a nice way to complete Cats In Space mark 1, and look forward to new adventures in 2020 with the new line-up” - Greg Hart-January 2020 Yes, CATS in SPACE are finally set to re-issue their classic debut album ‘Too Many Gods’ as a deluxe special edition on both DOUBLE SILVER vinyl, and also as a double CD in deluxe digi-box packaging in the Spring 2020 through ‘Harmony Factory’ via Cargo. Both formats include exclusive never before heard songs, plus some blistering live tracks culled from their 2017 tour with Status Quo. Entitled ‘TOO MANY GODS - INFINITY EDITION’, both formats should excite all existing fans and all the new fans joining the ‘Cat Army’. The band was fortunate to be able to record all their live shows from the Quo tour in 2017, and the selected results here on both editions are quite sublime. Add into the mix the much requested song ‘Scandalous’ (only available before as a 7” vinyl B-Side) plus the Slade classic ‘How Does It Feel’ (featuring Thunders’ Danny Bowes on co-vocals) and things only get better. But it is the final track, ‘No Regrets’ (the Walker Brothers classic) revealed for the first time here on both formats that really will impress all. A true ‘skyscraper vocal production’ that is a fitting end to the first line-up and chapter of Cats in Space. As the band look forward to a new album in 2020, the sky really is the limit now for this highly respected rock band. Indeed it is very much “INFINTY and beyond…
Vinyl LP