Green Gardens

This Is Not Your Fault: Limited Marbled Gold Vinyl LP


Release date: 18 August, 2023

This is Not Your Fault is an album designed to carry you through the stages of guilt. As you make your way through the album you’ll encounter lyrical ‘blame milestones’, each one finger-pointing for human catastrophes. It looks at how that changes you, and where you're left afterwards. The album will chew on you and spit you out anew, forgiven for something you shouldn't ever be blamed for. It lives in the room where it was recorded, having been carefully arranged to those limitations and then left to feel alive.

Green Gardens are a close group of 4 friends working hard on bringing inaccessible feelings into a band setting. Drawing from the deep wells of art rock and guitar music before them, the Leeds 4-piece owe everything to the earth and their surroundings. The bands' gentle energy brings you right into the recording studio with a wide-open roomy sound contrasted with a thickness and deepness of feeling. Green Gardens are bringing indie-americana sounds into the medieval.
FFO: Songs: Ohia, Grandaddy, Broken Social Scene.


Side A
1. Intro 
2. This Is My Fault 
3. Things I Didn’t Do 
4. Akin to Sap 
5. Bellyful 
6. A Cradling

Side B
1. Homeshredder 
2. Oslow 
3. This Is Not Your Fault

Vinyl LP
EMI North / Come Play With Me