Ruston Kelly

The Weakness: Limited Edition Silver Colour Vinyl LP


Release date: 7 April, 2023

Ruston Kelly has made a record about transcending life’s struggles and transforming them into hope, joy, courage and strength. The Weakness is Ruston’s most ambitious album to date: sonically bold and thematically revealing, the 12 songs take the listener on a journey through the highs and lows of Ruston’s life experiences and ultimately lead to a place of contentment and fulfillment. 

Working with producer and multi-instrumentalist Nate Mercereau (Leon Bridges, Lizzo, Shawn Mendes, Sharon Von Etten), together they crafted a record that builds on Ruston’s singer/songwriter foundation and takes his music into a broader range of sounds and styles. 

Vinyl LP
Rounder Records


# Title Length
1. The Weakness
2. Hellfire
3. St. Jupiter
4. Let Only Love Remain
5. Michael Keaton
6. Mending Song
7. Dive
8. Breakdown
9. Holy Shit
10. Better Now
11. Wicked Hands
12. Cold Black Mile