The Tea Party

The Tea Party: Deluxe Red Splatter Vinyl 2LP


Release date: 22 April, 2022

The Tea Party (1991) is the first album by the Canadian rock group The Tea Party. It was originally recorded as a demo which the band submitted to several record companies. However, the trio was not signed to any recording contract and decided to release the album independently.. The album production is relatively lo-fi and the band re-recorded several of the songs for their major label follow-up Splendor Solis. Only 3,500 copies of the album were made, some of which were cassettes, making the recording collectible to fans. Needless to say this album has remained a collectible and a highly sought after release.

Album includes newly remixed/remastered audio from Stuart Chatwood from the band and new art / liners CD will include newly remastered audio / original audio + 2 bonus Demo tracks from same time period / LP will contain the newly remastered audio

Vinyl LP