Edgar Jones

The Song of Day and Night: Vinyl LP


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First studio album of new material in 5 years marks the triumphant return of cult icon and former bassist and singer-songwriter of seminal early 90's band The Stairs.

A stalwart of the Liverpool music scene for over 20 years, his album is already being lauded as some of his best work. The album captures his musical prowess and unique style drawing influence from his love of the great 60's stateside soul music labels both North & South.

1. Serendipity Doo
2. Wait!
3. Best Thing
4. Keeps A Rollin’s Around In My Head
5. Thinkin’ ‘Bout The Time
6. Don’t Break My Heart
7. Lies
8. Sarah
9. Procrastination
10. Big Eyed Boo
11. La Cancion Del Dia Y De Noche

Vinyl LP
Skeleton Key Records