Pete Rock

The Auditorium, Vol. 1: Gold/Tan Vinyl 2LP


Release date: 27 September, 2024

The Auditorium, Vol. 1 marks a groundbreaking collaboration between legendary hip-hop artist Common and iconic producer Pete Rock, blending years of individual success into a powerful joint effort. Common, a versatile talent known for his 15 albums, significant acting roles, and a collection of major awards including an Oscar and three Grammys, teams up with Pete Rock, whose influential production skills have shaped hits for artists from Nas to Madonna. Their paths, intertwined through decades of hip-hop evolution, have led them to this historic full-length partnership, showcasing their refined mastery over the genre.

In this album, Common and Pete Rock capture the essence of their seasoned artistry without compromising the soul of their craft. The project breathes life into hip-hop's rich legacy while forging its future, offering listeners a unique blend of thoughtful lyricism and innovative beats. Recorded amidst the nostalgia of their earlier successes and the excitement of new creative breakthroughs, The Auditorium, Vol. 1 not only redefines the boundaries of hip-hop but invites audiences into a profound musical journey. With its intricate compositions and deep, resonant themes, this album promises an auditory experience that is as intellectually engaging as it is emotionally compelling, urging listeners to dive deep into its layers and appreciate the genius at play.


1. Dreamin’
2. Chi-Town Do It
3. This Man’s Arms
4. We’re On Our Way
5. Fortunate
6. So Many People (featuring Bilal)
7. Wise Up
8. A GOD (There Is) (featuring Jennifer Hudson)
9. Stellar
10. Lonesome
11. All Kind of Ideas (featuring Pete Rock)
12. When The Sun Shines Again (featuring Posdnuos of De La Soul)
13. Everything’s So Grand (featuring PJ)
14. Now and Then
15. Outro

Vinyl LP
Loma Vista Recordings