Leonard Cohen

Thanks For The Dance: Gold Foil Embossed Vinyl LP


Release date: 22 November, 2019

A posthumous Leonard Cohen album called Thanks for the Dance via Columbia Records. Leonard’s son, Adam Cohen, produced and masterminded the project, enlisting a huge cast of musicians including Damien Rice and Leslie Feist (vocals), Arcade Fire bassist Richard Reed Parry, the National’s Bryce Dessner on guitar, Dustin O’Halloran on piano, and Leonard’s bandmate Javier Mas playing the man’s own guitar. Other features include Beck (on guitar and Jew’s harp), Daniel Lanois, Jennifer Warnes, the s t a r g a z e orchestra, and others.

LP specification: 1x 180gsm heavyweight black 12" vinyl, gatefold sleeve, 4/0, 370gsm Fedrigoni sirio ultra black, high embossing on front and back, gold hotfoil on front and back, back printed 2 hits of white 1x 12" Innersleeve, 4/0185gsm Fedrigoni sirio ultra back, pms gold Shrinkwrap

Vinyl LP