Gary Numan

Telekon: Vinyl 2LP


Release date: 24 May, 2024

Double black vinyl that has been cut from high-resolution digital files (96 khz / 24 bit transfers from the analog master tapes) by award-winning engineer John Dent at loud mastering. 'Telekon' was released in 1980 and was Numan's third successive number 1 album in the UK. Unlike it's predecessor 'The Pleasure Principle', 'Telekon' had plenty of guitars, along with strings and lush synthesizer textures. While it was hard to follow up the previous release, 'Telekon' proved to be hugely influential. Trent Reznor claimed to have listened to it every day during the making of 'Pretty Hate Machine'. 'Telekon' was originally released as a single album but being so long, it lost some of the dynamic range. This release is over four sides of vinyl and includes bonus singles, B-sides, alternate mixes and an out-take.

Vinyl LP
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