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TEKKEN 8 (Original Soundtrack): Vinyl 6LP Box Set


Release date: 23 August, 2024

Bandai Namco Europe S.A.S. and Laced Records have formed a tag-team to bring the music of the brand-new entry in a legendary franchise, TEKKEN 8, to vinyl.

This complete OST box set features 42 tracks specially mastered for vinyl. These will come in spined inner sleeves, all housed in a rigid board slipcase. Stunning sleeve artwork is by Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. and illustrator Samuel Donato, depicting Jin and Jun Kazama, Kazuya Mishima, and newcomers Azucena, Victor Chevalier, and Reina.

The TEKKEN 8 music team smashed out banger after banger for the soundtrack, retaining the series’ trademark sound of hard-hitting dance music and electronica. Many of the composers are long-time series contributors, with the full team consisting of mifumei, Hiroshi Okubo, AJURIKA, Yoshihito Yano, Go Shiina, sanodg, Rio Hamamoto, Sho Okada, Yuu Miyake, Shogo Nomura, Ayako Saso, Mitsuhiro Kitadani, Shinji Hosoe, Yoshinori Hirai and Qing Yan.

Through solid and unique gameplay on top of an epic storyline, the TEKKEN franchise has sold over 57 million copies, reigning as the best-selling 3D fighting game franchise of all time.


Disc 1
1. My Last Stand
2. Liberation
3. Rude and Reckless
4. The Decisive Blow (Normal)
5. The Decisive Blow (Climax)
6. Neo City (Normal)
7. Neo City (Climax)
8. TAMASHII (Normal)
9. TAMASHII (Climax)

Disc 2
10. Colosseum (Normal)
11. Colosseum (Climax)
12. Hangar Rules (Normal)
13. Hangar Rules (Climax)
14. STORM RISING (Normal)
15. STORM RISING (Climax)
16. Kakuri-yo Kagura (Normal)
17. Kakuri-yo Kagura (Climax)

Disc 3
18. Volcanic Bomb (Normal)
19. Volcanic Bomb (Climax)
20. Twilight Party Cruise (Normal)
21. Twilight Party Cruise (Climax)
22. Deep Space (Normal)
23. Deep Space (Climax)
24. Golden Meadow (Normal)
25. Golden Meadow (Climax)
26. Baroque Attack (Normal)
27. Baroque Attack (Climax)

Disc 4
28. Silenty Boisterous (Normal)
29. Silenty Boisterous (Climax)
30. Delusional Reality (Normal)
31. Delusional Reality (Climax)
32. Our Tekken Ball (Normal)
33. Our Tekken Ball (Climax)
34. Be Stylish

Disc 5
35. Time Will Reveal
36. Silent Signal
37. Dive into the Arcade
38. Game Changer
39 Back to Kids
40. Neon Ramp
41. Mars' Gravity
42. Hibiscus

Vinyl Box Set
Laced Records