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System Of A Down Four Album & Signed Book & Vinyl Bundle


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System Of A Down Four Album & Signed Book & Vinyl Bundle

The incredible first memoir by System Of A Down frontman Serj Tankian

With nearly 40 million record sales, three albums topping the Billboard charts, a Grammy win and a legion of fans, System Of A Down are one of the biggest metal bands on the planet. At their core has always been Serj Tankian, whose journey from the streets of Beirut to rock superstardom is as remarkable and unlikely as you'll get.

By dint of luck, circumstance, struggle, and more than a little talent, Serj has had the chance to live an extraordinary life. In Down With the System, he retraces this remarkable and unlikely journey, and explores what it's taught him - about music, about art, about activism, and about himself. From teaming up with Tom Morello to push social justice causes on unsuspecting metalheads, arguing with LAPD officers over the best way to quell his rioting fans, and traveling with Anthony Bourdain through Armenia one meal at a time, Down With the System is an immigrant's tale, an activist's awakening, and rock memoir unlike any other.

Toxicity is System of a Down's follow-up to their hit 1998 self-titled debut. Rick Rubin produced the 14-track effort. Cast in layers upon layers of aural intricacy, Toxicity charters new frontiers, yet it’s still grinding rock at its most deafening. It serve up some surprising melodies on Chop Suey!, Forest and the haunting Aerials.

With their self-titled debut album, System Of A Down 1998 does it all right. Subtile lyrics, pounding sound and a successful mixture of different music styles from punk to folk to death metal - System Of A Down is just right.

Hypnotize is part two of the two album set from System of A Down and the perfect complement to Mezmerize, completing one of today's most incredible bodies of work. Produced by super-producers Rick Rubin and Daron Malakian, Hypnotize is a stunning album. The album includes 12 new songs including the title track and hit single Hypnotize.

Steal This Album consists of outtakes from the 2001 album Toxicity, originally leaked on the Internet in rough versions and now polished up for release. Many of the tunes work as vibrant stand-alone compositions, which not only makes this an impressive album but also makes Toxicity seem all the more masterful: Even the rejects sound pretty damn great.