Chameleons Vox

Strange Times ...Live!: Vinyl LP


Release date: 5 July, 2019

"Strange Times was the Chameleons’ third album, originally released in 1986 on the Geffen label and praised by the critics who reviewed it at the time and become an influential album. This recording from Preston Guildhall was taken from their current tour, which continues across the UK and Europe throughout 2019.

The Where In The World EP consists of four original Chameleons songs, re-recorded in 2017. As a feature of their current live set the songs were universally well-received by the fanbase and are presented here by popular request. Dali’s Picture a discarded song written in 1981, Ever After an unfinished demo from the Strange Times session that produced the bands third album and Denims and Curls and Free For All, which were demos for a fourth album that never materialized due to the band’s disintegration. Despite the years in between, all four songs feel fresh, vibrant and contemporary.

Vinyl LP
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