Mother Earth

Stoned Woman: Limited Edition Yellow Vinyl LP


Release date: 10 March, 2023

Acid Jazz is marking its 35th Anniversary with a series of classic releases from their catalogue The first of these is Mother Earth’s debut album - Stoned Woman.

Recorded in a Tottenham industrial estate studio at the height of ‘acid jazz’, it’s a rock inflected, funky brew that heavily referenced Blaxploitation soundtracks from the early to mid 70s.

Mother Earth developed a life of their own, moving through line-up changes, and leaving behind the arguably more radical sound that remains distilled in this album.

A must-have for original-era acid jazz fans, marking an important time in British music.

Vinyl LP
Acid Jazz


# Title Length
Riot on 103rd Street
Look To The Light
Stoned Woman
The 5th Quadrant
Jonathan E
Bad Ass Weed
Knowledge (Rap)
Knowledge (Instrumental)
Look To The Light (Alternate)