Stepdream: Olive Green Vinyl LP


Release date: 29 March, 2024

Quannnic is a non-binary shoegaze / rock artist releasing music independently with deadAir Records (quinn, Jane Remover.) Inuenced by artists such as Deftones and Nirvana, quannnic seamlessly modernizes sonic aspects of 90s rock for today's listener. Since releasing their 2022 album Kenopsia, quannnic has organically built an impressive fan base with over 900k monthly listeners and 30m global streams to date. They released Stepdream in November 2023, with features on the Fader, spins on NTS radio, and placement on Spotify playlists like ALLURE and IRL Angel.

1. Defense
2. South
3. How to Hold a Knife
4. Sheets
5. Comatose
6. Cover
7. Ache
8. Bryn Mawr
9. Family Means
10. Jophiel
11. Rummage
12. How Much Time to Quit

Vinyl LP
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