Hybrid Minds

Spoonfed Hybrid (30th Anniversary Expanded Edition): Vinyl 2LP [RSD24]


Release date: 17 May, 2024

Spoonfed Hybrid, the duo of Ian Masters (Pale Saints) and Chris Trout (A.C. Temple), released their one and only album on 4AD imprint, Guernica, in November 1993. Self-titled, this now-cult release has fans constantly asking for it to be reissued. For its 30th anniversary, 4AD are giving it the expanded treatment, re-releasing the album with a bonus disc of singles, demos and rarities. Beautifully designed, the original artwork has been expanded to now include comprehensive song notes.

Side A
1. Heaven's Knot
2. Naturally Occurring Anchors
3. Tiny Planes
4. Stolen Clothes
5. Lynched
6. 1936

Side B
1. Getting Not to Know
2. Somehow Some Other Life
3. A Pocketful of Dust
4. Ecnalubma
5. Boys in Zinc

Side C
1. Scary Verlaine
2. Bullets and Bees
3. The Sun Always Changes My Mind
4. Messrs. Hyde (Demo)
5. Naturally Occuring Anchors (Demo)

Side D
1. Token She Van (Trunkated)
2. Tiny Planes (Demo)
3. Violence of Violins
4. Make a Fist
5. Lynched (Demo)

Vinyl LP