Xavier Rudd

Spirit Bird: Limited Lucky Dip Recycled Colour Vinyl 2LP


Release date: 6 October, 2023

Lucky dip recycled vinyl - colours are picked at random and may vary from the samples shown.

When he debuted in 2002 with the album To Let, Xavier Rudd began a journey that would see him become one of the most iconic voices in Australian music, literally and figuratively. With each new album, this journey has wound like a river making its way toward the ocean - twisting and turning, flowing, and cascading as it relentlessly pushes forward. Encompassing all his musical and spiritual gifts; 2012's Spirit Bird is Xavier Rudd at his best. Shaped by his history but continuing to break new ground, Xavier Rudd is at his most creative on Spirit Bird - once again painting breathtaking pictures with vivid, unmistakable tones. Hypnotic ceremonial rhythms ease effortlessly into tender folk songs. Gritty guitar blues sits perfectly alongside entrancing yidaki passages. Rudd's voice, and the voice of his ancestors, yet again bearing truth and knowledge.

At times Spirit Bird recalls the simplicity of Solace, and at others the electricity of Dark Shades of Blue. There is the youthfulness of To Let, but the wisdom of Koonyum Sun. It is Xavier Rudd by every measure. And whether it is a message, or just some words from the heart; Spirit Bird is a defining moment in the evolution of one of Australia's most important artists. The moment where the river meets the ocean.


Side A
Lioness Eye
Comfortable In My Skin
Spirit Bird

Side B
Bow Down
Follow The Sun
Culture Bleeding

Side C
Paper Thin
Full Circle

Side D
Mystery Angel
3 Roads
Creating A Dream

Vinyl LP
Salt.X Records