Butcher Brown

Solar Music: Vinyl 2LP


Release date: 27 October, 2023

Butcher Brown is releasing their new album, Solar Music, on October 6th. While rooted in jazz, their musical exploration expands into a blend of genres, including Hip-Hop and R&B/Soul. The 17-track album includes several featured guests: Pink Siifu, Braxton Cook, Jay Prince, Nappy Nina, Keyon Harrold, Michael Millions, Charlie Hunter and more.
“Solar Music is everything under the sun. We get asked so often what type of genre/pedigree we fall into, and at the end of the day, we play all of our influences. It’s not genre specific..It’s all types, & this album is a true representation of that. Solar Music is for everybody.” - Butcher Brown 


1. Cozumel (0:51) 
2. Espionage featuring Charlie Hunter (3:46) 
3. I Can Say To You featuring Vanisha Gould (4:13) 
4. MOVE (RIDE) featuring Jay Prince (2:27) 
5. Turismo featuring Julia Shuren (1:51) 
6. Eye Never Knew featuring Pink Siifu and Keyon Harrold (3:29) 
7. No Way Around It (3:51) 
8. Half of It featuring Nappy Nina (2:09) 
9. DYKWYD featuring Braxton Cook (4:00) 
10. Happy Hourrr (1:07) 
11. Run It Up featuring Pink Siifu (2:47) 
12. Pink Fur featuring Michael Millions (2:49) 
13. This Side Of Sunshine (3:47) 
14. BubbleBath (1:24) 
15. Touring Pains (1:02) 
16. It Was Me (2:56) 
17. Around For A While (3:12)

Vinyl LP
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