Lindsay Munroe

Softest Edge: Exclusive Signed Turquoise Vinyl 7" EP


Release date: 5 November, 2021



Lindsay Munroe has announced her second EP, ‘Softest Edge’, and her debut release on vinyl. 3 of the EPs 4 songs were produced by Steph Marziano (Hayley Williams, Lapsley, Matilda Mann).

Whilst Munroe’s debut EP, ‘Our Heaviness’, centred on her divorce from a conservative church, its follow-up finds her thriving in her newfound independence, taking control of her sexuality and defining her own boundaries. It’s given rise to the fiercely independent, and cheeky songwriter that stands in front of us today.

Lead single ‘Parallel’ revels in her endless love for her best friend who embarked on a parallel journey away from religious conservatism. An outright celebration of their friendship, the love they feel for one another is reflected in the radiant soundscape and the exhilarating cries of the call-and-response chorus.

A romantic break-up coincided with Munroe’s break from the church and it was the culmination of the two that granted her true freedom from that environment. Stripped-back EP track, ‘Andrew’, finds her reliving their final night together at an Andrew Bird concert, whilst the title-track, ‘Softest Edge’, acknowledges her transformation to a new person barely recognisable from the one entwined in the relationship.

Written whilst studying for her masters in feminist theology, ‘Softest Edge’ is something the previous incarnation of Munroe could never have aspired too, and all the better for it.

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