Art School Girlfriend

Soft Landing: Limited Blue Vinyl LP


Release date: 4 August, 2023

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Art School Girlfriend, Aka Polly Mackey, has announced that her forthcoming second album Soft Landing, is set to be released via Fiction Records on August 8, 2023. The album is self-described as a series of “small euphorias”, it is an album that finds Mackey shifting her sound towards tactile electronics whilst retaining the floating melodies of her debut. 

With the announcement, Mackey has released one of her strongest tracks to date, titled “Close To The Clouds”, which follows the success of standalone single “A Place To Lie” earlier this year. “Close To The Clouds” is an integral part of Soft Landing, with the central refrain providing the album with its title, and the song unfurling into climbing, arpeggiated synths amidst acid-house indebted drums. 

Soft Landing follows Mackey’s 2020 debut album, Is It Light Where You Are? an album made in the wake of a tumultuous time and released during one. Soft Landing feels like Mackey’s true debut, a record of curiosity and playfulness with songs that sound like they are falling effortlessly into place.


Side A

  1. A Place To Lie 
  2. Close To The Clouds 
  3. Real Life 
  4. Waves
  5. Blue Sky feat. Tony Njoku

Side B

  1. The Weeks 
  2. Laugh My Head Off 
  3. Out There 
  4. Heaven Hanging Low 
  5. How Do You Do It 
  6. Too Bright
Vinyl LP


# Title Length
1. A Place To Lie
2. Close To The Clouds
3. Real Life
4. Waves
5. Blue Sky
6. The Weeks
7. Laugh My Head Off
8. Out There
9. Heaven Hanging Low
10. How Do You Do It?
11. Too Bright