Michael Giacchino

Society Of The Snow (Soundtrack From The Netflix Film): Vinyl 2LP


Release date: 12 April, 2024

Academy Award-® winning composer Michael Giacchino's commanding yet tender score to J.A. Bayona's The Society of the Snow - A heartfelt retelling of the harrowing true story of the 1972 Uruguayan flight that crashed in the remote heart of the Andes, and the battle for survival that ensued. 

The film is about, above all else, hope. And Giacchino's score brings an emotional charge to the film that is arresting but optimistic. It is a delicate path that Bayona and Giacchino forge, but together, they have created one of the year's most powerful films. 

Format Details: 

  • English Language Version 
    - Pressed on 2x 140 Gram Black Vinyl 
    - Contains a 12-page booklet with photos 
    - Liner notes by director J.A. Bayona.


Side One 
    A1. Leaving Home (1:25) 
    A2. Crash (1:06) 
    A3. Barren (1:34) 
    A4. Alien World (2:59) 
    A5. Flashback (1:05) 
    A6. First Scout (1:32) 
    A7. Suzy Passes (8:19) 
Side Two 
    B1. News Radio (1:00) 
    B2. What Do I Become (1:14) 
    B3. The Second Expedition (4:45) 
    B4. Trapped (0:44) 
    B5. Today Is My Birthday (1:21) 
    B6. What's The Limit (2:33) 
    B7. I See the Sky (2:02) 
    B8. A Plan To Cross The Mountains (3:11) 
Side Three 
    C1. Arturo's Death (0:56) 
    C2. Setting Out (1:08) 
    C3. Heading Back (2:05) 
    C4. Take Home the Love (1:13) 
    C5. Nando Returns (5:03) 
    C6. Radio Failure (0:50) 
    C7. Sleeping Bag (0:54) 
    C8. Numa Accepts His Place (5:32) 
Side Four 
    D1. Andes Ascent (4:16) 
    D2. Onward (3:17) 
    D3. Over the River (1:09) 
    D4. Found (6:24) 
    D5. Home (4:07) 

Vinyl LP