Slow Hole To China: Orange Smoke Vinyl LP


Release date: 5 July, 2024

Clutch's "Slow Hole to China", originally released in 2003 is a compilation album featuring rare tracks and B-sides not found on their mainstream releases. The album showcases the band's signature fusion of rock, funk, and metal with a raw, underground vibe, highlighting their eclectic style and lyrical creativity. These groove-heavy songs are remastered and the album artwork is updated. "Slow Hole to China" showcases the robust, energetic flair typical of Clutch's distinctive sound.


1 King of Arizona
2 Slow Hole to China
3 Nickel Dime
4 Sea of Destruction
5 Oregon
6 Easy Breeze
7 Hale-Bopp Blues
8 Four Lords (and One More)
9 Rising Son
10 Guild of Mute Assassins
11 Willie Nelson
12 Equinox
13 Hoodoo Operator
14 Day of The Jackalope
15 Ship of Gold (West Virginia)

Vinyl LP
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