Laura Fell

Safe From Me: Signed Exclusive Seafoam Green Vinyl LP


Release date: 29 January, 2021



Celebrating its inclusion on our Albums of the Year List, Laura Fell's striking debut gets pressed to Seafoam Green Vinyl LP exclusively for recordstore, limited to 250 copies hand-signed by Laura.

A psychotherapist by day, ‘Safe from Me’ is a search for answers from a woman always expected to have them to hand and the self-punishing frustration that assumption brings. London-based, Fell only started playing music at 25 when the poetry she had been writing for almost a decade began to feel more like songs. This talent for wordsmithery stretches throughout ‘Safe from Me’; Fell invites you to claw at the soil until you strike gold - the meaning will eventually be unearthed.

A strikingly personal album, opener, ‘Glad’, is a message of hope for her recently divorced parents, as they embark on new lives without one another, while the title track finds Fell grieving a loss of self in a previous relationship; a period where she prioritised another’s needs so much so that her sense of identity shrank, colourless and withered.

It’s on ‘Cold’ though where Fell bears the fruits of her self-excavation. Atop crystalline guitars, Fell delivers her conclusion: “I can’t find the answers for myself / it’s easier to help somebody else”. In ‘Safe from Me’, Fell has conceived an invaluable portal for others to achieve a sense of solace that remains for her tantalisingly out of reach.

Vinyl LP
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