The Dandy Warhols

ROCKMAKER: Sea Glass Blue Vinyl LP


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The cheekiest band in the land is back with ROCKMAKER, The Dandy Warhols' 12th studio album. Produced and recorded by the band at their studio/funhouse The Odditorium in Portland, OR, ROCKMAKER sees the "Bohemian Like You" hitmakers celebrate their 30th year together with a sprinkle of glitter on their grime. Accompanied by guests Debbie Harry, Slash, and Pixies' Frank Black, The Dandy Warhols wrangle paranoia, untangle anxious discontent, and lust after life while the dance grooves go deeper, heady drones get weirder, and riffage fit for bong rips hammers. ROCKMAKER is the Dandy's clearest statement yet, at no sacrifice to their outre leanings. This is the sound of outsider alt-psych fixtures looking in as the walls come down.

Side A
1. Doomsday Bells
2. Danzig With Myself (Feat. Black Francis)
3. Teutonic Wine
4. The Summer Of Hate
5. I'd Like To Help You With Your Problem (Feat. Slash)
6. The Cross

Side B
1. Root Of All Evil
2. Alcohol And Cocainemarijuananicotine
3. Love Thyself
4. Real People
5. I Will Never Stop Loving You (Feat. Debbie Harry)

Vinyl LP
Sunset BLVD Records