Zooey Celeste

Restless Thoughts: Limited Turquoise Vinyl LP


Release date: 3 November, 2023

Restless Thoughts, the full-length debut from Zooey Celeste was produced in Brooklyn by Nick Hakim. Centered on Zooey’s hypnotic baritone vocals, set against a backdrop of sparse drum-machine beats and droney guitar tones the album drifts between avant-punk, chamber-pop and lo-fi psychedelia, drawing the listener into a sustained dream state.  Colombian-Canadian singer/songwriter Tei Shi (aka Valerie Teicher Barbosa) joins Zooeyon "Big Trouble" for a sublime piece of surrealist dance-pop.


1. Effortless
2. Restless Thoughts
3. Walk By
4. Big Trouble (with Tei Shi)
5. Running All Night
6. Torture Me
7. Cosmic Being
8. God Awful
9. Comeback
10. Heaven Sent
11. Stay Up

Vinyl LP
ATO Records