Biffy Clyro

Puzzle: Vinyl 2LP


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After the more complex textures of Infinity Land, Biffy Clyro went back to basics with Puzzle and made a more conventionally straightforward rock record which won them major success (no 2 in the UK album charts) and critical acclaim. Yet the album contains influences from rare sources such as Sunny Day Real Estate and Red House Painters proving again that Biffy Clyro were the mainstream rock act that were just a bit different.

Side 1
1. Living Is A Problem Because Everything Dies
2. Saturday Superhouse
3. Who's Got A Match?
Side 2
1. As Dust Dances 2/15ths
2. A Whole Child Ago
3. The Conversation Is...
Side 3
1. Now I'm Everyone
2. Semi-Mental 4/15ths
3. Love Has A Diameter
4. Get Fucked Stud
Side 4
1. Folding Stars
2. 9/15ths
3. Machines
4. Drop It

Vinyl LP