Hiroyuki Sawano

Promare (OST): Limited Red + White Split Vinyl 2LP


Release date: 30 April, 2021

During a calamity known as the Great World Blaze, fires from mass spontaneous human combustions killed half the world's population. Certain humans developed pyrokinetic abilities during and subsequent to the event, and became known as the Burnish. Promare takes place thirty years after the first appearance of Burnish, when a new group of aggressive mutants appears and pushes the world into a brutal battle for supremacy. The music to Promare was composed by Hiroyuki Sawano. Sawano, a veteran composer of such anime releases as Attack on Titan and Kill la Kill, has once again delivered a vibrant musical tapestry alive with both rocking personality and dramatic orchestral compositions that demand repeat listening. This release features the music of Promare pressed on a pair of half-red half-white vinyl discs housed in a gatefold jacket. A credit insert is also included.
Vinyl LP
Milan Records