Galya Bisengalieva

Polygon: Vinyl LP


Release date: 20 October, 2023

Kazakh-British artist Galya Bisengalieva returns this October with her second studio album for One Little Independent, Polygon. Today she shares the second single from the record, titled Alash-Kala. Like Galya’s 2020 debut album Aralkum the composer, producer and musician returns to stories from her home country of Kazakhstan.

While Aralkum was about the shrinking of the Aral Sea, Polygon tells the tale of one of the darkest episodes in Kazakh history.  Though it created more nuclear fallout than Chernobyl, the story of the Semipalatinsk Test Site located on the steppe in north east Kazakhstan (known as The Polygon) is little known internationally even though it was the Soviet Union’s primary testing zone for nuclear weapons.

“The elemental talents of LCO violinist and composer Galya Bisengalieva flourish on a 2nd album of avant classical explorations inspired by Kazakh folklore, ecology and history” - boomkat.


1. Alash-Kala
2. Saryzhal
3. Polygon
4. Sary-Uzen
5. Chagan
6. Balapan
7. Degelen

Vinyl LP