Plush: Limited Red Vinyl LP


Release date: 16 August, 2024

Plush, the 1982 studio album by the Eighties synth-boogie band Plush, is a standout in the genre. The band, consisting of Siedah Garrett, Tony Phillips, and Ambrose Price, was known for their smooth blend of R&B, funk, and synth-driven melo- dies. Garrett, who later gained fame as a solo artist and song- writer, brought a distinctive vocal presence to the band. Not long after the band broke up, she was discovered by Michael Jackson, for who she later provided backing vocals and co- wrote “Man In The Mirror” with.

The album was produced by Bobby Watson, René Moore and Angela Winbush. It features catchy tracks like “Free and Easy” and “We’ve Got the Love,” showcasing their polished pro- duction and soulful harmonies. Despite not achieving major commercial success, Plush has garnered a cult following for its authentic early Eighties sound. It’s a significant work within the disco boogie genre, reflecting the transitional period of early Eighties music and is one of the rare and sought-after albums from that era.

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