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Open Up The Night: Translucent Vinyl LP


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It was almost inevitable that growing up with a love for trance would eventually result in Trance Wax releasing his own interpretations of the sound. Following on from the release of his eponymous album in 2020, Trance Wax now shifts into a fresh artistic chapter with his sophomore album, ‘Open Up The Night’.
A sixteen-track journey through nostalgia-infused modern trance, ‘Open Up The Night’ symbolizes Trance Wax’s evolution from his early days of adapting trance classics for the modern dance floor. Now homing in on his own interpretation of the genre with an increase in tempo, the Belfast-born DJ and producer created an expansive sonic palette through original productions (‘Adeya’, ‘Aslan’) as well as sample-powered productions (‘Open Up The Night’, ‘Rhythm Of The Night’) that show he means business in this increasingly popular genre.
“Listeners can expect a switch-up in BPM compared with the last album,” says Garry McCartney (Trance Wax). “It’s a reflection of what I love listening to, be it trance or other genres. There’s some drum and bass influences woven in as well as a bit of breakbeat, which adds a new dimension to the whole thing. It’s the product of a good few years of experimentation that resulted in something really fast and exciting.”

1. Open The Night
2. Dark Space
3. Antiga
4. Aslan
5. So Alone
6. Adeya
7. Artifical Intelligence
8. Ascend
9. Your Journey
10. Distance
11. Innerpeace
12. Love Me Higher
13. Larus
14. Only You
15. The Story
15. Rhythm Of The Night

Vinyl LP
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