One Shade Darker: Limited Edition Blue Vinyl EP


Release date: 3 March, 2023

Dubbed “The best new live band on the planet” by Dork, the ascendant East Yorkshire five-piece Priestgate are back with One Shade Darker, the highly anticipated follow-up to their enthralling debut EP Eyes Closed For The Winter.

Featuring ‘Some Things Never Change’, named Tune Of The Week by Jack Saunders at BBC Radio 1 (“outstanding, emotive, arena ready guitar music”) and the new single 'White Shirt', an anthemic homage to their small hometown of Driffield.

Formed as a battle cry against the restlessness and mundanity of rural life, Priestgate began as a reaction to the sparse local music scene around them, which in turn has allowed them to craft and develop their own unique sound without the added pressure of conformity. Drawing comparisons to The Cure and The Maccabees, Priestgate have combined bright guitar-pop hooks with darker lyrical sensibilities, concocting their own angst-laden blend of the hypnotic and euphoric.

Vinyl LP
Lucky Number


# Title Length
1. Some Things Never Change
2. White Shirt
3. Into The Blue
4. Lucifer