Jemma Freeman and The Cosmic Something

Oh Really, What's That Then? Exclusive Signed Vinyl LP


Release date: 25 October, 2019

Recordstore Exclusive. 200 Black Vinyl with signed sleeve and coloured insert, designed by Jemma Freeman, digital download included. Following the success of their first single ‘Helen Is A Reptile’, three-piece power trio Jemma Freeman and The Cosmic Something will release their debut album, ‘Oh Really, What’s That Then?’

As debut album titles go, Jemma Freeman and The Cosmic Something ’s ‘Oh Really, What’s That Then?’ invites you to ask just that question. An introspective journey through psychedelic glam-rock nightmares, woozy flows of self-discovery and beguiling lyrics delivered with subtlety and intensity. Jemma is your guide in this strange country, illuminating a path for you. In reality, they’re as lost as the listener. In this hinterland, thoughts tumble on top of each other and the shadows cast by their images overwhelm. Hear a track in isolation and you might expose roots of its origins - from the exuberant T. Rex -Esque strings of ‘Black Rain’, to the snarling Hole like guitars of ‘Tasteless’ - but the archaeology of their sound is not so easily uncovered. ‘Oh Really, What’s That Then?’ paints a turbulent history and a doomed future. When an album opens with a distant primal scream, you know it's not going to be an easy ride. As the album’s last-gasp, ‘Tasteless’, slowly dissipates from cacophony to complete stillness - like the universe ending, all energy exhausted - you’ll feel the same. The journey is intense. Not that it’s all a trudging grind, there are moments of pure exhilarating pop joy along the way. Songs like ‘Keytar (I Was Busy)’ hiding the darkest lyrical themes in the brightest of melodies (just like all the best pop music does). Jemma says of the record: “I was trying to photograph the space between emotions and actions, feeling like an outsider, some of the songs are indirectly meant to demonstrate solidarity with others that identify with that.” “Jemma’s solo material adds a fizzing energy and almost glam-stomp to proceedings, creating a sound that flips rapidly between lush guitar work and rapid fire energy, all topped by Jemma’s sonorous vocal, part Kate Jackson part PJ Harvey.” – For The Rabbits

Vinyl LP
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