New World Depression: Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl LP


Release date: 14 June, 2024

NEW WORLD DEPRESSION by $uicideboy$ delves deep into a tumultuous psyche, portraying a world riddled with inner demons, existential crises, and a stark defiance of societal norms. Throughout the album, the duo navigates through themes of fame, self-destruction, and the relentless search for identity amidst chaos. Their raw, unfiltered lyrics serve as a gritty narrative of personal turmoil, substance abuse, and the struggle for authenticity in a world that often feels cold and indifferent. This album is an unapologetic exploration of the darker sides of human experience, resonating with anyone who has ever felt out of place or battled with their own shadows.


1. Lone Wolf Hysteria
2. Mental Clarity is a Luxury I Can't Afford
3. The Thin Grey Line
4. Thorns
5. Misery in Waking Hours
6. Burgundy 
7. Transgressions
8. Are You Going to See the Rose in the Vase, or the Dust on the Table
9. All of My Problems Always Involve Me
10. The Light at the End of the Tunnel for $999 a Month
11. Drag 'em to the River (Totalitarian Remix)
12. Us Vs Them
13. Kill Yourself V

Vinyl LP
G59 Records