The Brand New Heavies

Never Stop... The Best Of: Vinyl 2LP


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2023 marks 35 years since the first single by The Brand New Heavies.

Twenty-one seminal tracks from Acid Jazz royalty, The Brand New Heavies, who transcended London’s local funk scene to become to enjoy global success across with hits such as ‘Sometimes’, ‘You Are The Universe’, ‘Dream on Dreamer’, ‘Midnight at The Oasis’ and more. 

This new compilation brings together all the singles from the band’s time with London Records, featuring 15 Top 40, 5 Top 20, and 1 Top 10 UK hits. 

All formats feature new liner notes from producer and long-time fan Mark Ronson.


1. Never Stop
2. Dream Come True
3. Got to Give
4. Don’t Let It Go to Your Head
5. Stay This Way
6. Dream on Dreamer
7. Back to Love
8. Midnight at the Oasis
9. Spend Some Time
10. Close to You
11. Sometimes
12. You Are the Universe
13. You’ve Got a Friend
14. Shelter
15. Saturday Nite
16. Apparently Nothing
17. People Get Ready
18. Bonafied Funk 
19. Brother Sister
20. Mind Trips
21. You Can Do It

Vinyl LP
London Records