Negro Necro Nekros: Vinyl LP


Release date: 28 June, 2024

Reissue of the album from 1998 that started it all for dälek, this time wth six bonus tracks. The physical includes a 12pg booklet with liner notes by John Morrison and new art from Mikel Elam & Paul Romano.

When Dälek’s debut, Negro Necro Nekros arrived in the Fall of 1998, hip-hop’s aesthetic and commercial conventions were in a state of upheaval. While mainstream rap had more or less completed the process of full integration into mainstream pop culture, underground hip-hop had mounted an aggressive opposition movement in response.

Forged in the fires of the East Coast underground music scene in the 90s, Experimental Hip Hop pioneers Dälek has spent decades carving out a unique niche fusing hardcore Hip Hop, noise and a radical approach to sound. From the very beginning, Dälek came out the gate, following in the footsteps of their predecessors Public Enemy while drawing from influences as varied as My Bloody Valentine and German experimentalists Faust, Dälek have succeeded in adding completely new textural and structural dimensions to rap music. Since 1998, they’ve released seven studio albums and countless EPs, singles and collaborations.


1. Swollen Tongue Bums
2. Three Rocks Blessed
3. Images of .44 Casings
4. The Untraveled Road
5. Praise Be the Man
6. And Hell is Coming with Us
7. Pelt I’s to End (Demo Instrumental)
8. Gates of Dawn (Instrumental)
9. Praise Be the Man (Remix)
10. Cement (Demo Instrumental)
11. Sweetwood Sound Session 404

Vinyl LP