Iggy Pop,  
Pan Amsterdam,  
Leron Thomas

Mobile: Limited Edition Blue 7" Vinyl


Release date: 22 March, 2019

Pan Amsterdam gave us “The Pocket Watch”. Even when revealing his condition and true identity to the public. This didn’t stop the flow of interest and respect from new found fans as well as fellow contemporaries. Open Mike Eagle became an immediate fan and patron of Pan Am and took him on tour last Fall. They even cut a single together entitled, “No Snare”.

One of the stops during the tour was Texas Pan Am and Iggy Pop agreed to meet up and cut a track. “The one thing that comes to mind when travelling through Texas is its Texas Tea (oil)” Pan Am said while on break in the studio. “There’s a lot of ways of living that rendezvous at the local gas station”. It was as if Pan Am grew up with this knowledge since the cradle or something. This, undoubtedly, is the thought process behind the tune Iggy and Pan Am cut, “Mobile”.

Vinyl 7" Single
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