Miracle Mile (10-Year Anniversary Edition): Limited Orange, Pink + Red Vinyl LP W/ Bonus 7" Flexi Disc


Release date: 30 June, 2023

Limited edition pressing on orange and pink spokes with red splatter colour vinyl. Includes a download cark in gatefold jacket and a bonus flexi 7” of an unreleased track.

Originally released on February 19, 2013, STRFKR’s third full-length album, Miracle Mile, propelled the Portland, OR dance-pop band into new sonic territory with its infectious energy and innovative blend of electronic and rock elements. Recorded collaboratively in early 2012 in Astoria, Oregon, Miracle Mile marked a defining moment for the band, as primary songwriter Josh Hodges invited the other members to contribute to the creative process. The resulting tracks, including standouts like “While I’m Alive,” “Atlantis,” and “Golden Light,” showcased the band's dynamic range and elevated their status as one of the most exciting and innovative indie rock bands of the early 2010s. 10 years later, Miracle Mile remains a fan favorite and a standout in STRFKR's acclaimed discography.

The album is being re-released on a new vinyl color and includes a bonus flexi with the previously unreleased b-side "Gay Days," a testament to the enduring impact of this seminal work.


1. While I'm Alive
2. Sazed
3. Malmo
4. Beach Monster
5. Isea
7. Fortune's Fool
8. Kahlil Gibran
9. Say to You
10. Atlantis
11. Leave It All Behind
12. I Don't Want to See
13. Last Words
14. Golden Light
15. Nite Rite

Bonus Flexi 7"
1. Gay Days

Vinyl LP