Working Men's Club

Minsky Rock Megamix II: Vinyl EP


Release date: 14 July, 2023

Minsky Rock Megamix II takes its own fearless journey through the heart of the record; on its way, it samples snatches from each of the album’s tracks and places them into glimmering new musical surroundings, all pinned to a constant metronomic beat that turns the whole thing inside out to create one streamlined, super-heavy whole.

Over twenty-three (cosmic) minutes, the Megamix finds the pulse of Fear Fear and follows it onto the dancefloor. Within this new mix, fragments of familiar tracks are twisted out of shape before being reborn with pounding Nu Beat basslines, Blackburn rave stabs and tweaking acid riffs that curl around minimal electro rhythms in a seamless mix. Vocals are taken out of their original context and cut & pasted into a new stream of consciousness, forming their own manic hallucinations. The result is an utterly mesmerising trip that feels like stumbling across a 21st century Detroit pirate radio station in full joyous flow. 

Minsky Rock is the brainchild of WMC’s frontman Syd Minsky-Sargeant and producer Ross Orton (Arctic Monkeys/M.I.A.). They previously remixed the band’s self-titled debut album.


A. Minsky Rock Megamix II
B. Etching

Vinyl 12" Single
Heavenly Recordings