Cocteau Twins

Milk & Kisses: Limited Vinyl LP & Exclusive Numbered Litho Print


Release date: 16 February, 2024

This re-issue of the Cocteau Twins 1996 album faithfully replicates the
original 1996 Fontana Records UK release and is pressed onto high
quality 140g vinyl

Cocteau Twins – vocalist Elizabeth Fraser, guitarist Robin Guthrie, and
bassist Simon Raymonde – formed in Grangemouth, Scotland in the late

The brainchild of Guthrie and original bassist Will Heggie, by 1981 they had added
Fraser and the following year signed to 4AD, one of the most illustrious of the
indie labels. With Raymonde replacing Heggie in 1983, the trio went on to create
some of the most unique and otherworldly music of the 80s, built around
Guthrie's chiming guitar and Fraser's unmistakable soprano.

By the early 90s, the group had just released their most successful album, the
commercial Heaven Or Las Vegas, after which they moved to Mercury imprint
Fontana, joining the likes of The Fall and the House Of Love.

Although not intended so at the time, Milk & Kisses – released in March 1996 –
became the final album issued the group. The trio worked separately but
effectively – Raymonde would work in the daytime, Guthrie at night, leaving
Fraser to add her vocals. Because of the aftershocks of her split with Guthrie,
lyrics came easy to her. Led by the beautiful, hushed Top 30 single Tishbite and
containing fan favourites Violane and Eperdu, Milk & Kisses has tended to be
overlooked within the group's canon, and therefore is ripe for investigation.
Although work had begun on a follow up album to Milk & Kisses, the Cocteau
Twins split up in 1997.