Mi Rehabilitacion / No Seas Malo: Vinyl 7" Single


Release date: 2 June, 2023

Colombian synth metal duo. Former members of Meridian Brothers and Romperayo (Eblis Alvarez , Pedro Ojeda) this duo is devoted to the strangest takes on Colombian music and all kinds of rituals and dogmas manifests in their first two albums. 

The duo overtakes all the religions both ancient and modern, from Catholicism, satanism and political ideologies/religions, climate change, gender religion, political correctness and beyond, Chupameeldedo extremes synth metal and tropicalism to its bizarre edges.  

The duo went that far, where the ritualism the drugs and alcohol and the vices of the showbiz let them like junkies in the streets of their native Bogota. Fortunately, the duo decided to go on rehab. Now they are awake and go into new age ideologies. Fighting for climate change political correctness and a hard crusade for good morality (also trying to organize their own NGO, getting government funds for THE GOOD), this new work of Chupameeldedo is a new face of the duo in a moral, and correct path. 

Vinyl 7" Single
Bongo Joe Records
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