Twin Atlantic

Meltdown: White & Yellow Split Vinyl LP


Release date: 13 September, 2024

Scotland's finest alt-rockers Twin Atlantic are back with new album Meltdown on the band's own label, Staple Diet.

Produced by lead singer Sam McTrusty and bassist Ross McNae and mixed by longtime collaborator Romesh Dodangoda, from top to bottom 'Meltdown' is a return to form for the band. Eleven slices of infectious, masterful pop-rock, Meltdown is equal parts guitar heavy bangers and emotionally driven heartfelt anthems. With one foot firmly in nostalgia, while wholeheartedly looking to the future, Twin Atlantic are back to their very best.

"Over the last 18 months we have been relentlessly obsessing over the making of a new album. We built two studios to have our own freedom and space to dig deeper into the essence of our band," Sam said of the recording process. "That freedom evolved into engineering and producing the album ourselves. Zero outside influences. What we've got in the end is something we are so proud of and feels like our best work yet. The time felt right to revisit our roots and dive back into the big chorus's and massive guitars that shaped our band's early years, but obviously having lived life and toured the world since then we found an evolution of that sound."


1. Asleep
2. Stuck In A Car With You
3. World Class Entertainment
4. Sorry
5. Harder
6. Get Out
7. Meltdown
8. I Couldn't Miss You Much More
9. Lift
10. Fall
11. Snow In Texas

Vinyl LP
Staple Diet
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