Brie Stoner

Me Veo: Limited Pink Vinyl 2LP


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Brie Stoner is an artist who pulls from her multi-lingual and multi-cultural background to great effect in her Indie-Dream-Rock music, writing, and art. As a musician, Stoner has worked with producers  Jay Bennett (Wilco), and most recently with David Vandervelde (Father John, Secretly  Canadian) on her new album “Me Veo”.

“Me Veo” is Spanish for “I see myself,” and this revelatory self-discovery and homecoming is evident in her indie-dream rock songs, that travel the arc of the her own feminine tense...harmonizing between the seductive siren, vulnerable tenderness, and moments of sovereignty in their unapologetic truth telling.

Her sound is freshly her own but lends inspirations from Neil Young, Fleetwood Mac, and Mazzy Star. Brie’s music has been featured by Victoria Secret, Orange Is the New Black, The Affair and Ralph Lauren. Brie has a new book coming out and has a podcast, Unknowing, a conversation between artists, and other creatives about their process.


1. Honey
2. Hungry
3. Loved Me Like a Weapon
4. Unfinished Business
5. Bloom
6. Me Veo
7. Simmer
8. Soledad
9. San Cristóbal
10. Run
11. No One’s to Blame
12. Magdelene

Vinyl LP
Label 51