The Zawose Queens

Maisha: Vinyl LP


Release date: 7 June, 2024

The Zawose Queens are Leah and Pendo Zawose of the Tanzanian Wagogo people, whose joyous otherworldly vocals and polyphonic rhythms on drums, thumb pianos and chizeze fiddle mirror the sounds of nature. The grand-daughter and daughter of the late, great Hukwe Zawose, like all the women in the Zawose family, they were once forbidden from the spotlight. Aided by producers Oli Barton-Wood and Tom Excell, this is a stunning debut of eleven original songs that deftly blend the acoustic, electronic, traditional and modern.

Vinyl Tracklist:

1. Kuseka
2. Maisha
3. Dunia Hii
4. Lulelule
5. Fahari Yetu
6. Mapendo
7. Kusakala Kwenyungu
8. Sauti Ya Mama
9. Muheme
10. Masanja Kalila

Vinyl LP
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