Rosie Lowe

Lover, Other: Limited Solid Orange Vinyl LP


Release date: 16 October, 2024

“I wanted this album to sound like a collage”, says Rosie Lowe of her new album Lover, Other, coming August 16th via Blue Flowers Music. “My love of choral music, sample culture, the energy of live music and the intricacy of more produced elements in electronic music. I wanted to incorporate it all into an album, weaving together the different processes in writing that excite me”. It’s a messy mission statement but one born from a decade of experience in the music industry - and a lifetime of obsession before that - and over the fifteen tracks of Lover, Other, that complexity and conflict is reflected – self doubt pitted against self-assurance, age against youth, life against death - Lowe’s inner dialogue laid bare. It’s a tightrope trapeze-act, a frankenstein vehicle for her art, expertly tied together by Lowe’s flawless vocal layers and effortless delivery. The resulting record is a celebration of all sides of Lowe’s character and musicality, a patchwork tapestry of her experience.


1. Sundown
2. Mood To Make Love          
3. In My Head
4. Bezerk
5. There Goes The Light        
6. Walk In The Park  
7. Something
8. Don't Go    
9. In The Morning      
10. Out Of You           
11. Gratitudes
12. This Before           
13. Lay Me     
14. Lover, Other        
15. Sundown (Reprise)

Vinyl LP
Blue Flowers Music