Nathalie Joachim

Ki Moun Ou Ye: Vinyl LP


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Release date: 16 February, 2024

The second album from Grammy-nominated Haitian-American singer and composer Nathalie JoachimKi moun ou ye will be released via the partnership between Nonesuch and New Amsterdam Records. Across the record’s ten intimate, original songs, Joachim ponders its title’s question: “Who are you?”  Inspired by the remote Caribbean farmland that her family continues to call home after seven generations, Ki moun ou ye travels deeper into the Haitian heritage introduced on Joachim’s Grammy-nominated 2019 New Amsterdam release, Fanm d’Ayiti.


1. The Gate
2. The Tower
3. Collapsing Mouth
4. Unscrolling
5. Desiderata
6. Incarnadine
7. Tailhead
8. Ultramarine

Vinyl LP