Gold Panda

I've Felt Better (Daniel Avery Remix) / Plastic Future (Skee Mask Remix): Vinyl 12" Single


Release date: 24 February, 2023

In November 2022, GOLD PANDA released his long-awaited album "The Work". It includes the two singles "I've Felt Better (Than I Do Now)" & "Plastic Future". These were remixed by Gold Panda's friend and companion Daniel Avery and the one and only Skee Mask respectively.


On Side A, British techno producer Daniel Avery turned “I’ve Felt Better" on its head. With a perfect balance of light and shadow, it now races at top speed like a techno bullet train through a blizzard and a multitude of barren landscapes, while the listener sits in an empty wagon, safe from the threat of nature just inches away. On Side B, Skee Mask, the enigmatic versatile electronic producer gives 'Plastic Future' a totally new identity. Known for his rolling rhythms combined with electronic soundscapes, Skee Mask slams the breaks on this remix in a big way. It's a magic combination that begs the question how did it take these 2 producers so long to collaborate like this? A match made in heaven!

Vinyl 12" Single
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